Platinum ZM Air Conditioner

From American Standard


Platinum ZM Air Conditioner



This top of the line air conditioner features two-stage cooling and helps you save up to 60 percent on your cooling energy usage.


  • • Superior efficiency
  • • Multi-staged cooling with maximum comfort and humidity control
  • • Quiet operation



Automatically communicates and coordinates with your other system components via the AccuLink™ Communicating System. Charge Assist™ charging simplifies service and improves system refrigerant charge accuracy. Saves up to 60 percent on your cooling energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by being one of the most efficient in the industry, significantly surpassing government efficiency standards. Contains two compressors that provide two-stage cooling, running at an energy-saving 50-percent capacity most of the time, which may help lower your cooling bills.


Keeps temperature even from room to room with its quiet, variable-speed fan motor. Cools with an environmentally friendly refrigerant that’s ozone-safe. Leaves you feeling cooler and more comfortable by removing unwanted humidity from the air. Provides more efficient and reliable cooling, thanks to a durable Spine Fin™ coil and dual Duration™ compressors. Rust-resistant coating, screws and basepan protect system from the elements.

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